Leadership and Spirituality

Recently I read a quote from a great book by one of my past professors entitled, Leading with Soul. The quote went like this, “the spirit and the soul are the essence of leadership.” The authors built on this idea by saying that “leading with soul requires gifts from the heart that breath spirit and passion into our lives and organizations.” (1995, Bolman and Deal)

These ideas resonate with me because I have experienced leaders that have this ability.  These leaders remind us to focus on the higher purpose of our work that gives meaning to the day to day grind. They give us a gift that is permission to look beyond the bottom line.


Do these quotes strike a chord with you or is this a foreign language?

Are you taking your soul to work?

Are your leaders soulful in their style in a way that moves your spirit?

What would it look like in your work environment if you had a leader that led in this way?


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