So Much More than a Positive Spin

… this blog is dedicated to the 2013 cohort of leaders embarking on the Leadership Journey with the FireStarter Center. Use this tool wisely. (-:

Cooperrider’s Appreciative Inquiry (AI) process is a positive perspective packed with a strengths-based punch. It is a review of what is happening in your life or organization that focuses attention on those things that are working effectively.   As my business partner, Lynne Scheible would remind you, “ AI shines a light on all that is good and life-sustaining”. AI is a life philosophy, but also a process that is worthy of your attention.

The Appreciative Inquiry Process consists of five (5) main steps:

1. Definition: establishing the focus and scope of the inquiry.

2. Discovery: eliciting stories of the system at its best – this is started in pairs, with the stories then shared with larger groups.

3. Dream: collecting the wisdom and imagining the future – this includes graphically visualizing the desired future.

4. Design: bridges to the future based on the best of the past and the present – groups work to use assets discovered in the second phase to design a plan to create the desired future.

5. Destiny: Making it happen.



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