The Magic is in the Relationships

The word Agape comes from the Greek and means literally, love. Its first use in 1607, reflects the fatherly love of God for humans and their reciprocal love for God (from the New Testament).  The term extends to the love of our fellow humans and was often used to designate a meal of fellowship that included the poor.  The first time I heard this word was about 30 years ago.  A colleague was encouraging us to think in terms of love in our workplace.  You can only imagine the looks that she received.  “Really, love in the workplace?”


The next time I heard the word, agape, was at an Emmaus Walk -a retreat.  Each day we would receive a number of agape gifts – gifts of love just for being.  I remember actually feeling my heart expanding, such sweetness.

So thirty years later, we still don’t talk much about love in the workplace.  I’d like you to consider carrying the torch for my colleague.  She was right.  I believe if we bring that love, love for humanity, we will build our relationships – strong relationships that help us to get “stuff” done, the stuff of work.  You see, there is magic in those relationships.   Magic, I’m certain of it.  Try this, acknowledge someone, show appreciation to someone, tell someone they made a difference in your life, and see what happens.  When we work from love, agape love, we can see these gifts and talents.  When we really see others it helps us to see ourselves and to recognize how our life has been shaped by our history – our story. Knowing our story, and stepping into our gifts gives us power.  You know that good power – where we get good stuff.  Yes, the magic of relationships.

Through agape love we can make the world a better place, and celebrate the gifts we all bring.

Lynne Scheible, MSOD


2 thoughts on “The Magic is in the Relationships

  1. griffib8 March 18, 2013 / 9:59 am

    Lynne, I want to thank you for this reminder that the work place can be a positive, loving place if we remember to bring our humanity with us.
    – b

  2. Ginna Crowe March 19, 2013 / 12:41 pm

    You Know I totally agree! Thanks for putting this in print …taking a stand for a better living and being.

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