Who are You Hanging With?

Just got back from visiting the winter homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.  Edison had been down south (to help his health) for some time and invited his friend, Henry, down for a visit.  Edison was actually a mentor to Ford. Ford decided he wanted to spend more time with Edison, so, he bought the house next door. What a great idea!!

 While visiting I noticed there were many pictures of Edison and Ford along with their other friend, Mr. Firestone.  They had a lovely place to go so they could work on their ideas, so that they could chat with each other, so they could just relax.  I also learned that from 1915 until 1924 these three men would take camping trips in the summer, “roughing it away from civilization.”  I can only imagine the great ideas that were born out of these trips, but the relationships that they built.

 It struck me that Ford was quite intentional about being near Edison.  It got me to thinking about who I”m hanging around.  Who am I intentionally with?  Am I with people that when we are together I get to be a better me?  Am I with people that I learn from in a meaningful way?  Am I with people that are joyful and happy?  Actually I do feel pretty blessed in that area, but maybe I need to make sure I have more time to do. 

 How about you?  Who are you hanging with? 

Fort Myers Edison Ford Home
Thomas Alva Edison built his winter home, Seminole Lodge, in the new city.
For a time the inventor was Ft. Myers’ most notable resident.

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