Sailing with the Wind

My life is filled with opportunities to serve the community.  The doors keep opening in that direction. So I keep asking myself what is this all about? One way that I am choosing to make sense of it is through a spiritual (not to be confused with religious) frame.

At church recently, our minister (Ed) used a metaphor about sailing to describe how life sometimes feels hard when we try to point our boat into the wind, but flows easily when we choose to sail with  the wind or let the universe  (God in my case) fill the sails of our boat.   Sailing into the wind means tacking back and forth to go a short distance, while sailing with the wind allows the sails to fill and off we go moving easily across the waters of our life.

Perhaps I need to stop trying to sail in my own direction, but point my boat into the wind. Maybe it is time to walk through the open doors and serve.



One thought on “Sailing with the Wind

  1. Lynne May 30, 2013 / 12:37 pm

    Amen to that – sometimes I feel resistance – that is the time for me to step back and as my Grace cards have suggested lately – Watch and Listen …. Yet my monkey mind wants me to DO ….. I just took a deep breath – I think I have been holding it in 😉

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