Seize the Day

My business partner reminded me recently that we only get so many days ….so we should enjoy them. Especially our beautiful Michigan summer days.  Here are some strategies we suggest (even after or between the work day).


1.Walk around your town with the eyes of an almost 2 year-old.  I’m blessed to have a grandson that helps me look anew at what I have obviously taken for granted.  Whether its the bulldogs around town, a turtle, a truck, or his Bumpa (Grandfather), it is with excitement in his voice.  TRUCK…..  Yayyyyy….  Obviously I have closed my eyes and not seeing the wonder around me.

2.Spend time with your pet. My sweet dog, Abby loves to hunt bumblebees.  She gets so focused that she forgets I am there.  Abby reminds me that there is adventure and purpose in the small things of the world.

3. Say yes… the next time a friend asks you to go for a walk, get ice cream, go to a movie, walk in an art gallery.  Be flexible and open to adventures that are unplanned.

4. Dig in the dirt – a garden if you have one.  Cutting back flowers, watering, weeding can be very therapeutic. Create a bouquet of flowers for yourself.  If you live in the Midwest do it now, before its too late.

5. Sit in your backyard in a lawn chair with a glass of lemonade (or whatever) and read.  Enjoy the sounds of summer and the warm air while you watch the sun set and the beautiful big moon rise.

6. Grill or cook something different that you have never tried, and have a picnic outside. Savor the new flavors and enjoy the moment.




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