Creativity Research

The creativity research on women and minorities suggests that we may need to play catch up. Most of the research to date has been about men.  Sally M. Reis of the University of Connecticut writes about this gap in Toward a Theory of Creativity in Diverse Creative Women. Her work makes it apparent that an opportunity exists to gain a clearer understanding of creative women, the creative process, and how it is fostered in our lives.

As women we split our time between family and work as primary care givers for the home and our children.  It is often more difficult for women to express a single-minded purpose towards our creative efforts. So what actions can we take to encourage each other and our daughters? Reis encourages women, teachers and counselors to take action in many ways – a few of them are to:

  • Express a positive attitude about creativity and talents in women and girls in all areas and be a constant source of support, avoiding criticism as much as possible
  • Foster a secure sense of self by helping talented women and girls understand and develop a belief in self and their talents and abilities
  • Spotlight achievements of creative females in a variety of different areas
  • Find peers and friends who support your academic goals and help you identify interests
  • Stress self-reliance, independence, creative training and creative problem solving and decision making
  • Identify a dream for important work and develop a plan to make that dream come true
  • Consciously discuss and actively challenge obstacles and barriers to success
  • Encourage creative action across domains: art, dance, cooking, science and help young women narrow interests as they mature

We are supporting 2 workshops (Oct 11 and Nov 22) as ways for you to explore your creativity with us. Register:



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