Fitting Creativity into Life

Alice Munro happens to be a woman 82 years young.  She is best known for her short stories about the country east of Lake Huron where she was raised.  Monro is the first woman from Canada to win the Nobel Prize for literature.

I just bought her book of short stories and was fascinated to read in the introduction about how she got started as a writer.  She admits that she did not aspire to write short stories, but hoped to write novels.  Like many women, her life running a home with children made her write in “frantic spurts”.  In order to make her writing fit into small chunks of time, she got into the habit of writing the short story.  Over time and with children grown she found more time to write and her stories grew longer.

Alice Monro
Alice Monro

I take inspiration from her answer – it’s real and pragmatic.  I can relate. I’m sure many women out there who want to create also relate because many of us choose to balance our homes, families and other occupations with our creative outlets.  But we still find time in the spaces of our lives to express our voice.


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