Reasons to Dance

Lynne and I recently wrote an article that appeared in the December issue of Big Rapids Life Magazine (2013). The article focused on encouraging our client organizations to celebrate the strengths in their organization-from their strategic choices to the strengths of the people hired. I love this story from the article because it illustrates how we can choose to focus on our strengths and positive events that happen daily.

“On a winter day in February, I was on my way to work. I was driving into Big Rapids, it was icy and the weather was overcast and sleeting. I came into town on M-20 and carefully made my way to the office just off Maple Street.  As I was turning the corner, there was a young man walking east on the sidewalk who caught my eye. I watched him as he slipped on the icy sidewalk and almost fell. But right at the last minute he caught himself and as he was bringing himself about, he started dancing.” (2013)

Find the reasons to dance in your organization and your life.


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