Unconditional Love in the Workplace?

Is it realistic to expect that you will like every person you meet or have to work with though out your career? I’m thinking probably not. So I’m imagining how you are going to react when I suggest you love them. But hold on, doesn’t it all depend on what sort of love I mean here? Well, I’m referring to Agape – a selfless love expressed towards others. This selfless love is the essence of Agape, at least in my simple understanding of it.

Agape also means unconditional love. So does loving unconditionally mean letting others do whatever they want?  No, that wouldn’t work. Unconditional love requires that I act in the best interest of my fellow man or woman. That might mean saying “no” because in a given situation that is in everybody’s best interest.

I like to think about Agape as consistently behaving with care or concern for others no matter what the status of our relationship. It means we (all of us) in our daily actions keep others’ best interest at heart. If we could accomplish this even part of the time, we could have a great place to work.


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