Next year I want to remember to intentionally celebrate achievements, milestones, and good stuff. We forget to celebrate even though we know its important. I associate the word “celebration” with having fun – which is great – but “celebrate” can mean to hold up or to honor in a ceremonial way. Celebrating is energizing.

I can think of several things to celebrate from my year that are worthy of being held up and honored.  So here goes…

Starting another year (year 2) with a great business partner
A wonderful Christmas with my kids, grand kids and extended family
My son’s college degree completed
Dad’s cancer in remission…still
A loving husband and friend
An energetic walk in the snow with my dog
Trading good books with friends
Windows in the cabin (and a working toilet)
Sleigh rides

I’m looking forward to more celebrating in 2014, and I hope you are too.  Have a great one!


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