The Journey Inside is Warm

I don’t remember it being 20 below in Michigan in the 16 years I’ve lived here, but then I’m a southern gal and have never experienced a winter like this one. Hard core Michiganders who grew up here have lots of fun stories of the big snows of the past.  Lynne’s  husband, Bill told me that he remembered a winter when he had to climb out a window of his home to shovel the snow that had drifted in front of the door just to get outside.

So its no surprise that we all had to cozy inside during our leadership retreat this past weekend. While it was brutally cold outside, we were toasty inside the Inn at the Rustic Gate with warm drinks and delicious, healthy food.  Our time together was spent reflecting deeply on our essence. Symbolically speaking, looking inside is the work of our Leader Journey program – while nourishing our bodies we also nourish our minds and souls. We uncover who we are so that we can tap into our potential as leaders with intention.   This work isn’t easy but it is warm…and as Lynne reminds us it is the work of our heart and soul.



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