In coaching, “creating trust and intimacy” with our clients is key to establishing a safe space to invite the dialogue that needs to take place for behavior change.  It is one of our GPCC™ (Gestalt Professional Certified Coach) and *ICF  core competencies that we must demonstrate in order to be certified.  It’s that important.

I experienced the critical nature of trust – it hit home for me this week and it taught me something new.  I realized that when trust exists in a relationship, we don’t think about it consciously. Yet, when trust doesn’t exist completely, it holds us back, keeps us up at night, and we can’t fully engage in the relationship.


*(ICF)International Coach Federation



One thought on “Trust

  1. Lynne Scheible February 10, 2015 / 6:18 pm

    Trust is a big deal – and can keep you up at night and when you don’t have it – you question the other person’s motives… Thanks for continuing to write….


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