What is Coaching?

To describe what coaching is, it might be helpful to talk about what coaching is “Not”.  Coaching is not teaching, mentoring or therapy. Coaches should not give advice, help problem solve or control the direction of your work.

A coach’s job is to help you (the coachee) become aware of the answers to your concerns and the strategies you seek. A coach will support awareness through the process of asking questions, listening deeply, listening between the lines, and reflecting clearly what we are hearing.  The coach’s goal is to support that “Aha” moment of awareness and clarity around your concerns. A coach will hold you accountable to actions and empower your choices to change. So coaches:

  • Listen and ask questions that help you discover answers
  • Partner in creating strategies for achieving your specific goals
  • Address your present concerns and explore future possibilities
  • Support your initiated change towards specific actionable outcomes

Want to experience coaching? Contact: bgriffithcooper@gmail.com      www.firestartercenter.com



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