Coaching for Your Health

Its been well documented that our stress level can impact our health.  Now new research shows that the brain is directly connected to the immune system.   This news begs the question, “How are you managing stress and your overall emotional well-being?

One strategy is to ask for a coach’s non-judgmental perspective . A coach can listen to your concerns, keep you on track and support the behavior change you want to see for a healthy, balanced life.

If you want to read more about the emotion disease connection Gabor Mate, MD explores the topic in his article linked below.  Here is a short excerpt:

“I never get angry,” says a character in one of Woody Allen’s movies. “I grow a tumor instead.” Much more scientific truth is captured in that droll remark than many doctors would recognize. Mainstream medical practice largely ignores the role of emotions in the physiological functioning of the human organism. Yet the scientific evidence abundantly shows that people’s lifetime emotional experiences profoundly influence health and illness.

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What is Coaching?

To describe what coaching is, it might be helpful to talk about what coaching is “Not”.  Coaching is not teaching, mentoring or therapy. Coaches should not give advice, help problem solve or control the direction of your work.

A coach’s job is to help you (the coachee) become aware of the answers to your concerns and the strategies you seek. A coach will support awareness through the process of asking questions, listening deeply, listening between the lines, and reflecting clearly what we are hearing.  The coach’s goal is to support that “Aha” moment of awareness and clarity around your concerns. A coach will hold you accountable to actions and empower your choices to change. So coaches:

  • Listen and ask questions that help you discover answers
  • Partner in creating strategies for achieving your specific goals
  • Address your present concerns and explore future possibilities
  • Support your initiated change towards specific actionable outcomes

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Triple Crown Quality Leadership

I am a horse crazed maniac. As a kid, teen, and young adult, I watched Seattle Slew, then Secretariat, and Affirmed win the Triple Crown. And now as a mature adult I am celebrating the incredible feat of American Pharoah and his team. I am in awe.

It takes a team of smart people making good decisions in the best interest of their equine team member (the horse) to win at this level. When jockey, Victor Espanola in one of his many interviews said that the team wanted to keep their horse happy,  he was expressing leadership intelligence beyond his personal ego. Victor knew if Pharoah was happy he could do his job and run faster than any of his competition. Wow…what a simple and brilliant concept. I wonder if we should try it on people?

My pal
My pal

An Ordinary Life of 96 Years (Lara’s Blog Post)

On Memorial Day my daughter (technically stepdaughter) Lara and her husband Eric lost their grandmother. Lara wrote in her Blog about Grammy Esther who was a great grandmother to many. She was impactful in simple yet powerful ways that we rarely measure.

I am reposting (link below) Lara’s blog because the message and the woman are worth remembering. Her story bears repeating…and I am so proud that Lara wrote it and I want to share it.

Thanks Lara. Thank you Grammy Esther – I didn’t meet you but I’m glad I know you.


Too Young for Board Leadership?

I’ve always associated  Trustees (the oversight people) of non-profits as stogy or dusty – heaven forbid…old.  You have to be retired to serve on a board right?  Not.

In fact, it is the next generation that brings the new insights and innovations.  People in the work force come into our Boards with fresh eyes and creative ways of thinking about the stuff we’ve done for years.  Please invite them with open arms.   Current boards need to let new board members bring change.  So if you catch yourself saying, “but we’ve always done it that way…” then bite your tongue and take a deep breath.  It’s time for a different perspective, a breath of fresh air, and maybe some positive growth and change for the better.  saltnpepper